demoeurop06.jpg (41003 octets)

Walter Pall has been a perfect host ,he brought us to his bonsai garden Sunday 3th June and showed his jevels ; I know the pictures you will see here cannot give you the right perspective of his trees ,but I need show you it absolutely ,because Walter has a raw material very remarkable ,no one other bonsai grower in Europe can show you a so fine yamadori potential .

walter01.jpg (62848 octets)

walter02.jpg (60755 octets) walter03.jpg (53173 octets) walter04.jpg (72978 octets) walter05.jpg (45045 octets) walter06.jpg (61147 octets) walter07.jpg (55338 octets)


walter08.jpg (69089 octets) walter09.jpg (63914 octets) walter10.jpg (58693 octets) walter11.jpg (52709 octets) walter12.jpg (78507 octets) walter13.jpg (78694 octets)


walter14.jpg (78240 octets) walter15.jpg (54002 octets) walter16.jpg (71273 octets) walter17.jpg (69302 octets) walter18.jpg (70005 octets) walter19.jpg (78969 octets)


I think you have been surprised by the high quality of Walter's trees ,me too , I appreciated his trees much and I hope the same thing for you all ,we follow the visit:

walter20.jpg (72685 octets) walter21.jpg (83160 octets) walter22.jpg (74339 octets) walter23.jpg (73182 octets) walter24.jpg (73488 octets) walter25.jpg (76944 octets)


walter27.jpg (66324 octets) walter28.jpg (70378 octets) walter29.jpg (65888 octets) walter30.jpg (80141 octets) walter31.jpg (68638 octets) walter32.jpg (62570 octets)

walter33.jpg (54978 octets) walter34.jpg (66002 octets) walter35.jpg (72265 octets) walter36.jpg (57376 octets) walter37.jpg (54927 octets)  walter38.jpg (72252 octets)


walter39.jpg (76315 octets) walter40.jpg (74169 octets) walter41.jpg (76104 octets) walter42.jpg (78113 octets) walter43.jpg (79884 octets) walter44.jpg (59825 octets)


Here above and below you can see what kind of material Walter works ,unbelievable, now I understand why his trees are so natural and charming .

walter45.jpg (79784 octets)     walter46.jpg (77912 octets)   walter47.jpg (80557 octets)      walter49.jpg (77209 octets)     walter50.jpg (74393 octets)

With these last trees on ground we ends our visit to Walter Pall , It is always a big pleasure to recognize another big bonsai artist and appreciate his value ; I must add that walter has even a nice pot collection for sale and the prices are cheap comparatively to quality . Thank you ,Walter, for your kind and deep Welcome !