Valerio Gianotti is president of Bonsai Club Alpignano , where he lives , and began his bonsai activity from far 1984 ; he has almost all Yamadori trees principally black and white pines ,some cork oaks ,some junipers and carob trees. We can say he is a pine man .

gian281x1.jpg (70793 byte)

All yamadori pines have been collected in mountains ,near where he lives , at 1,000 -2,000 meters ; they were in rugged valleys with roots between two heavy rocks , so you can imagine what hard work has been to lift rock above and delicately draw out them below : he told me that the roots were immersed in poor soil and once disentangled from rocks ,it has been a children play to have them safe and sound .

gian501x1.jpg (77293 byte)

This Pinus Sylvestris "The Snake"had an award in a show to San Marino Republic and a stamp has been dedicated to it .You can see the back and the bark below :

                         gian511x1.jpg (70624 byte)                                                     gian521x1.jpg (74632 byte)

Valerio told me that he doesn't fertilize much his trees ,because they have been inured to have a poor soil , so their roots can be damaged by high fertilizers levels.

gian381x1.jpg (82463 byte)      gian391x1.jpg (70600 byte)       gian411x1.jpg (83840 byte)      gian441x1.jpg (77631 byte)       gian461x1.jpg (75381 byte)

gian551x1.jpg (78345 byte)      gian561x1.jpg (66040 byte)     gian571x1.jpg (86364 byte)      gian591x1.jpg (83050 byte)       gian621x1.jpg (81861 byte)

gian641x1.jpg (77925 byte)      gian661x1.jpg (52731 byte)     gian651x1.jpg (75565 byte)      gian701x1.jpg (55167 byte)      gian08bis.jpg (75940 byte)

Above you can admire a good choice of black pines yamadori ,i have other pictures of them ,but i need show you other trees below :

gian07bis.jpg (81872 byte)      gian101x1.jpg (76761 byte)      gian121x1.jpg (75101 byte)     gian141x1.jpg (68827 byte)    gian181x1.jpg (78326 byte)

(from left to right:Bougainvillea,carob tree,malus,cork oak,stewartia)

gian191x1.jpg (80802 byte)      gian211x1.jpg (81995 byte)      gian251x1.jpg (81106 byte)    gian291x1.jpg (67533 byte)      gian301x1.jpg (79495 byte)

(fagus ,             acer campestris,          larch,               spruce,                 wisteria )

gian351x1.jpg (57750 byte)      gian361x1.jpg (68641 byte)       gian491x1.jpg (72814 byte)    gian541x1.jpg (78457 byte)      gian581x1.jpg (89483 byte)   

(  azalea                  malus                   fagus                cork oak                 fagus       )

gian311x1.jpg (68627 byte)      gian171x1.jpg (76989 byte)          gian421x1.jpg (74584 byte)       gian481x1.jpg (79139 byte)      gian691x1.jpg (64672 byte)

( azalea              cork oak                 cork oak              cork oak           carob tree   ).


I hope you remarked the very nice quality and choice of pots ,it has been a great pleasure to see fine tastes of Valerio choosing this difficult material .Now i want show you the "pre-bonsai or Potensai" pieces of Valerio Gianotti , i leave you judge if they are so :

gian711x1.jpg (59936 byte) gian721x1.jpg (60687 byte) gian731x1.jpg (62230 byte) gian741x1.jpg (60490 byte) gian751x1.jpg (55571 byte) gian761x1.jpg (62307 byte)

gian811x1.jpg (63556 byte) gian821x1.jpg (61814 byte) gian841x1.jpg (55374 byte) gian861x1.jpg (51995 byte) gian871x1.jpg (53534 byte) gian771x1.jpg (66675 byte)

Above many black pines,junipers,mugo pine hooked cultivar.

We leave this first piedmontese bonsai grower with the last pictures of him near his trees in training ,that can give you a good perspective of tree thickness .

gian921x1.jpg (47213 byte)  gian931x1.jpg (60652 byte) gian941x1.jpg (49852 byte)  gian951x1.jpg (56540 byte) gian971x1.jpg (57623 byte)gian961x1.jpg (47177 byte)

gian891x1.jpg (29407 byte)         gian901x1.jpg (49706 byte)       gian911x1.jpg (51920 byte)         gian981x1.jpg (41884 byte)      gian271x1.jpg (43356 byte)

We cannot go away without to remember that a good Italian bonsaist has always a small spot for some suiseki .Another thing i would like to add ,please remember the style of Valerio Gianotti ,the following piedmontese bonsaist Massimo Bandera has another vision of bonsai and that reflects in his trees .


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