Exhibit 2002

The annual exhibit of Unici di Liguria took place the 13-14 July 2002 to Sarzana ,but before the Unici gave another small exhibit to Arcola Tuesday evening 2 July even to celebrate the victory of Angelo Attinā in the Crespi Cup 2002 with his fabulous stone Domon-ishi :



and here you can see the joy of Angelo and Luciana Queirolo which is shared by all Unici members:


Martedė sera, 2 luglio 2002, si č tenuta una piccola ma significatica mostra degli "Unici di Liguria".
Luogo dell'esposizione č stata la suggestiva torre pentagonale di Arcola (SP); posta all'ingresso dell'antica piazzetta comunale, torre e palazzo comunale rimangono protese sopra la valle della foce del Magra, dominando l'arco della costa sino a Viareggio.
Bellissima serata culturale; si č realizzato un binomio perfetto di tradizioni tra loro cosė lontane: l'esposizione č stata infatti affiancata da suggestive musiche irlandesi del 600. Cornamusa irlandese, flauti, violino, arpa, chitarra.




Tuesday evening , 2 July 2002 , Unici di Liguria gave a small but considerable exhibit in the charming pentagonal Tour of Arcola (SP) ,which ,being just to entrance of old municipal square, tour and town hall are outstretched over Vara mouth's valley dominating all sea coast until Viareggio . 

Wonderful cultural evening : we assist to two different traditions far each other . Exhibit has been placed side by side from charming Irish musics of seventeenth Century .Irish bagpipe ,violin ,flutes ,harp ,guitar .

Here we start with the exhibit :

      Carlo Conti ,   Cesare Fumagalli



   Cesare Fumagalli , Luciana Queirolo



   Luciana Queirolo , Angelo Attinā



   < Schenone Andrea e Mirella>



           < Schenone Andrea e Mirella >



  Battini Massimo, Fumagalli Cesare



                             Grossi Alberto , Sica Enrico



               < Mazzocchi Angela >



           < Argenti Franco >



      < Castiglione Maurizio >



             Cesare Fumagalli Composition



          < Bonanni Giorgio >




          < Debole Giuseppe >



                    Conti Carlo

At the end of August to Carrara ( remember the marble) ,there has been a international meeting of Kickboxing .

The Unici di liguria club has been invited to participate with their stones .Her you will be the "ring" :



70 Nations all over the world 8,000 - 10,000 persons for 5 days and a window for our stones ,but first look at kids :






and now the stones :
















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