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(Umeń river in evening )

The first July '99 we come to Umeń for a full immersion workshop with our friends of deep north , we known kind , nice and cheerful persons with whom we spend three pleasant wonderful days ; i hope only for a moment to revive those times even for to thank all and in particular Stefan for his marvellous welcome .

Giovanni and I we was proud to share our  bonsai experiences with :


Erik Br°ndel (Denmark)


Magnus Conradsson


Henrik Gistvall


Anders Nilsson   

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Sami Poikkonen (Finland)


Stefan Sandstr÷m


Bjorn Vallentinus


Wim Van Berlo  

umea09bis.jpg (27223 byte) A great  thanks even to Fereshteh , we enjoyed with her fine and exotic cookery .


The first bonsai showed above was a very ugly tree without style and shape , some magic retouching by Giovanni and look how  it changed completely above all if you will put in a half-moon pot . I'm truly sorry to not have taken of it a picture before ; unfortunately i made some errors like that even with more important trees : please forgive my stupid mind too busy for to follow my master and   translate his answers to many questions and not enough ready to photograph the essential things .

umea16bis.jpg (30577 byte)

Here Erik is valuing that juniper searching a good way to design it , Giovanni looks amused and curious , he knew already what to do with it :

umea21bis.jpg (40757 byte)  umea37bis.jpg (34929 byte) umea38bis.jpg (39874 byte) umea39bis.jpg (46047 byte) umea40bis.jpg (47708 byte) umea41bis.jpg (34198 byte)

Giovanni told Erik to dig a hollow on juniper bark ,to put there strong wire and after raffia , so it would have been possible to bend the trunk and reduce its lenght . Unfortunately i forgot to take the final picture , i asked all friends if someone made it , nobody , so Stefan sent me this one ugly picture , please excuse me for quality , i hope to show you another better picture as soon as possible:

                                   umea16bis.jpg (19046 byte)       juniper-uglybugger-1999-aug.jpg (32863 byte)         umea17bis.jpg (28564 byte)


umea18bis.jpg (33702 byte)      umea19bis.jpg (40632 byte)      umea24bis.jpg (33589 byte)     umea33bis.jpg (35898 byte)      umea27bis.jpg (38370 byte)


Giovanni works on Anders' pinus sylvestris  .


    umea13bis.jpg (29491 byte)     umea15bis.jpg (40443 byte)         umea23bis.jpg (43142 byte)    umea31bis.jpg (48598 byte)    umea32bis.jpg (33389 byte)

This  pinus sylvestris had a horizontal nebari too stiff , the better front choice was so : now the branches are much more lively and with a better bend they will be nearer to trunk ; the tree has been only coarsely build because it was collected from a few time .

 umea26bis.jpg (40010 byte) umea28bis.jpg (39734 byte) umea29bis.jpg (42211 byte) umea30bis.jpg (28687 byte) umea34bis.jpg (33760 byte) umea42bis.jpg (33394 byte)

                           umea43bis.jpg (29281 byte)                  umea54bis.jpg (36162 byte)                      umea55bis.jpg (39715 byte)

Bjorn and Henrik works on pinus sylvestris : after some branches cuttings ,the needles have been lightened leaving only two or three couples of them ; once all fine branches have been wired Giovanni designed them .


  Now we will see another Anders' pine with a bad horizontal nebari :

umea56bis.jpg (26049 byte)  umea57bis.jpg (35241 byte) umea58bis.jpg (29754 byte) umea59bis.jpg (23068 byte) umea127bis.jpg (24883 byte) umea128bis.jpg (39947 byte)

umea129bis.jpg (35250 byte) We can see the bad nebari ,Giovanni told to Anders that he must ,  once repotted his pine ,to see what root will be strongest ,then other root would have been cutted or at least much more lighted .

umea135bis.jpg (49597 byte)


umea47bis.jpg (36863 byte)     umea91bis.jpg (30151 byte)     umea92bis.jpg (40037 byte)    umea93bis.jpg (37632 byte)   umea146bis.jpg (29728 byte)

This other pine sylvestris step-by-step until final result : the jin has been made because the tree was too high  for to lower apex at least optically .


This other pine was too stiff and upright , so Giovanni , once looked roots , decided to cut roots in half :

umea94bis.jpg (37599 byte)  umea95bis.jpg (30254 byte)  umea96bis.jpg (38776 byte) umea97bis.jpg (34223 byte) umea98bis.jpg (36038 byte) umea99bis.jpg (37858 byte)

The penultimate picture shows where root has been broken .

umea100bis.jpg (27802 byte) umea101bis.jpg (32298 byte) umea102bis.jpg (30390 byte) umea103bis.jpg (29371 byte) umea104bis.jpg (35206 byte) umea105bis.jpg (34602 byte)

The broken root is clearer here ; where there is wound it is necessary  mastic to protect it .Last two pictures show Giovanni who paints how foliage should do : in that occasion ,since he worked roots , one must not touch branches until next year .

umea106bis.jpg (29719 byte)                                   umea107bis.jpg (36907 byte)                               umea108bis.jpg (33074 byte)

Above Giovanni searches to bring nearer branch to trunk and pot .


Now you can see other trees :

umea48bis.jpg (20736 byte)          umea134bis.jpg (31204 byte)       - Literati -          umea145bis.jpg (32821 byte)          umea149bis.jpg (32876 byte)

umea67bis.jpg (31158 byte) umea68bis.jpg (32054 byte) umea69bis.jpg (28912 byte) umea70bis.jpg (39613 byte) umea71bis.jpg (34940 byte) umea72bis.jpg (32104 byte)

umea144bis.jpg (31828 byte)          umea148bis.jpg (26268 byte)                            Umgiome1bis.jpg (39158 byte)            Umgiome1bis.jpg (34147 byte)

( thank you so much to Henrik Gistvall ,the last two pictures are here for his kind courtesy ).



Before to end our visit to UME─ , i want share with you some tree in Anders and Stefan Gardens:


umea139bis.jpg (44739 byte)  umea140bis.jpg (47054 byte) umea141bis.jpg (53688 byte) umea142bis.jpg (32709 byte) umea143bis.jpg (36913 byte)


umea85bis.jpg (28267 byte) umea86bis.jpg (59743 byte) umea87bis.jpg (61565 byte) umea88bis.jpg (55981 byte) umea89bis.jpg (44021 byte) umea90bis.jpg (56627 byte)


umea150bis.jpg (35423 byte)

With this last tree we left the Sweden happy to have known so nice people , we enjoyed for endless days during summer and exquisite Welcome from Stefan's Parents and all sharers to workshop , thanks again to you all .

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