Mario Sandri


Mario Sandri lives in Villastellone ,a small village near Turin , where he has a very nice bonsai garden . He began his bonsai way in 1984 with a workshop with Giovanni Genotti.

After his first experiences he attended the Bonsai Art  School of Hideo Suzuki and last year he obtained the title of Japanese Bonsai Instructor .

Mario gone three times in Japan with master Suzuki ,once in Summer to see where the pines pentaphilla , black pines and azalea  live in nature . He known even China and yellow mountains .

Actually he is one of Instructors of Bonsai Club Torino and I'm happy to show you his trees , knowing you will aprreciate them .


mario02.jpg (79089 octets)


mario03.jpg (74294 octets)   mario04.jpg (66301 octets)  mario05.jpg (54620 octets) These three views show a Larix decidua .


mario06.jpg (58018 octets)  mario07.jpg (56806 octets)   mario08.jpg (60494 octets)   mario09.jpg (78488 octets)   mario10.jpg (64814 octets)


mario11.jpg (47980 octets)    mario12.jpg (65756 octets) Pseudocydonia sinensis ,

a wonderful bark .mario13.jpg (64566 octets)


mario14.jpg (61914 octets) Eleagnus angustifolia (deciduous) and its flowers : mario16.jpg (59094 octets)


mario15.jpg (76249 octets)    mario17.jpg (61461 octets)   mario18.jpg (75330 octets)    mario19.jpg (74190 octets)    mario20.jpg (82800 octets)

Above some pines (black , pentaphilla , sylvestris ) .

mario21.jpg (62497 octets)   mario22.jpg (35800 octets)    mario23.jpg (45832 octets)     mario24.jpg (54634 octets)    mario25.jpg (61563 octets)

The last tree is a crataegus .

mario26.jpg (60688 octets)    mario27.jpg (49100 octets) Vitis vinifera . mario28.jpg (57469 octets)           mario30.jpg (69667 octets)


mario31.jpg (50110 octets)   mario32.jpg (55628 octets)   mario33.jpg (51779 octets)    mario34.jpg (68094 octets) this larch has one flower , see the next picture :

mario35.jpg (34955 octets)   mario36.jpg (55843 octets)  mario37.jpg (52225 octets)     mario38.jpg (53805 octets)    mario39.jpg (78583 octets)