GIUSEPPE DE VITA :An Unusual Bonsaist !


I known Giuseppe De Vita last year in Aias suiseki show ,we were sitting each in front to other in a dinner :naturally we begun to speak of our own hobbies and i discovered he loved not only suiseki but also bonsai .

giusep14ter.jpg (2754 byte)

When i asked him for to know what trees he preferred , Giuseppe , before to answer me , told me that he come from Apulia where he had a farm with olive trees and moved in Tuscan near Florence . When i known he was an olive trees cutter ,all our speech was dedicated to one of my preferred trees because i would be liked to share all his experiences . We spoke all dinner and at the end he invited me to visit him next year .

Well , this year , before to go in vacation , i kept my promise and  gone to see him and his family ; I'm proud to have discovered a bonsaist self-made ,his technical choices are very particular but i must say that they work fine ; so each bonsai grower must use what he thinks it is better for his trees ; Giuseppe doesn't like the wire ,then he found another way for to do the same thing , look and believe :

giusep03bis.jpg (59908 byte)                                             giusep04bis.jpg (37831 byte)

                                  (To left a mugo pine , to right a sequoia )

In his bonsai garden , Giuseppe De Vita has many olive trees , the most part are still in training ; i would like to underline that all those trees have been collected in his country of origin , Apulia , where he sold all his plantation except a small spot which was plenty of rocks : just on rocks olive trees are the best for bonsai because they have a good nebari , good fine horizontal roots and above all no one   taperoot .

giusep08bis.jpg (46551 byte) giusep09bis.jpg (53262 byte) giusep10bis.jpg (31253 byte) giusep11bis.jpg (33932 byte) giusep12bis.jpg (28076 byte) giusep14bis.jpg (41659 byte)

You can see what Giuseppe uses for to bend branches , last picture shows you   the size of his trees .

giusep15bis.jpg (38401 byte) giusep16bis.jpg (37593 byte) giusep22bis.jpg (35748 byte) giusep23bis.jpg (31419 byte) giusep24bis.jpg (47848 byte)

Look , please , at the last two pictures , these layers are unusual in nature and each olive grower knows how it is difficult to have them in a pot , Giuseppe knows what is necessary to do for to have them .

Below you can see other trees in his collection :

giusep05bis.jpg (48081 byte) giusep06bis.jpg (49496 byte) giusep07bis.jpg (63116 byte) giusep17bis.jpg (39175 byte) giusep18bis.jpg (38055 byte) giusep19bis.jpg (27381 byte)

giusep20bis.jpg (31076 byte) giusep21bis.jpg (24081 byte) giusep25bis.jpg (33535 byte) giusep26bis.jpg (34920 byte) giusep27bis.jpg (33710 byte) giusep28bis.jpg (24170 byte)

The visit ends here , now we go to see a workshop to "UMEń "                                    ( NORTH-SWEDEN) .

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