kato.jpg (10140 octets)   katowood.jpg (62595 octets)

We must bow in front of Saburo Kato ,who still once done a demo of big quality building this wood ; when a person has a so remarkable personality and wise ,he can give us a deep lesson of life and philosophy like you see above . Long life still to Saburo Kato from all bonsai lovers of all the world .

Here in this page you will be not all the demonstrations and not all the trees ,because, with the pictures showed in my previous pages , I didn't have much space to dedicate to them , you will see only the final results .

demoeurop01.jpg (43736 octets) the place of demonstrations ;demoeurop02.jpg (50138 octets) the work of Salvatore Liporace.

demoeurop03.jpg (49142 octets) the work of Angel Mota ; demoeurop05.jpg (59532 octets) and the tree of François Jeker .

demoeurop06.jpg (41003 octets) the co-ordinator Walter Pall .

demomun01.jpg (62824 octets) Pedro Morales  and his tree (a ficus retusa ) demomun08.jpg (60512 octets)


demomun02.jpg (60087 octets) the co-ordinator I.C.Su for the international group of demonstrators with Kunio Kobayashi and Lorenzo Agnoletti .

demomun13.jpg (58381 octets)  demomun14.jpg (60933 octets) demomun15.jpg (61941 octets) demomun16.jpg (62184 octets) demomun17.jpg (61134 octets) demomun21.jpg (50677 octets)

demomun18.jpg (38271 octets)

Above some moments of demo of Kunio Kobayashi ,wonderful time for learning .

demomun10.jpg (64223 octets) here Chase Rosade ends his work on a pine demomun30.jpg (63940 octets)


demomun22.jpg (54441 octets) demomun24.jpg (60080 octets) demomun26.jpg (57204 octets) demomun28.jpg (56241 octets) demomun29.jpg (46768 octets)

Above Chen Jeng-Liang (Taiwan) give the last cares to his juniper .