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The Saturday 11 and the Sunday 12 December 1999 the Bonsai Club Torino organized a winter show and a competition between the 25 clubs of Piedmont and Lombardy which are associated  like bonsai clubs co-ordination of Piedmont and Lombardy  .

This first page relates the exhibit  of bonsai and suiseki ,the next page will show you the new talent 1999 of that competition .

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The Acer palmatum and suiseki above belong to Othmar Auer and welcomed the visitors in the entry .

coor006bis.jpg (30069 octets)                coor007bis.jpg (40269 octets)             coor008bis.jpg (33307 octets)          coor009bis.jpg (43882 octets)

Juniperus Chinensis (owner Othmar Auer)           Cydonia ( owner Mario Sandri ).

Please look at cydonia bark colors in the last picture ,it is a wonderful mosaic .

coor010bis.jpg (36279 octets)          coor0011bis.jpg (24214 octets)         coor012bis.jpg (38005 octets)         coor013bis.jpg (45513 octets)

Black pine and suiseki (owner Franco Saburri) - Fagus sylvatica (owner Adriano Nalon).

coor014bis.jpg (31154 octets)          coor015bis.jpg (37252 octets)          coor016bis.jpg (46912 octets)           coor017bis.jpg (58992 octets)

Red pine and ficus benjamina belongs to Mario Sandri .

 coor018bis.jpg (32949 octets)        coor019bis.jpg (49548 octets)           coor020bis.jpg (35141 octets)           mostr19bis.jpg (35682 octets)

Pinus Pentaphilla(owner Adriano Nalon)-Black pine (Valerio Gianotti)-Suiseki (Franco Saburri ).

mostr20bis.jpg (29825 octets)         mostr21bis.jpg (39996 octets)             mostr22bis.jpg (37341 octets)             mostr23bis.jpg (39064 octets)

Red Spruce (Adriano Nalon)-Juniperus Chinensis-Carpinus(Gianni Cara ).

mostr24bis.jpg (47697 octets)

This Black Pine has been styled by Masahiko Kimura (1990) in a demonstration for ABAN (Associazione Bonsai Arte e Natura ).

mostr25bis.jpg (57069 octets)           mostr26bis.jpg (36726 octets)             mostr27bis.jpg (35072 octets)          mostr28bis.jpg (36415 octets) 

The ficus retusa belongs to Luciano Casetta,Juniperus Chinensis and Celtis Australis wood to Maria Pavanello who was even one of judges of competition .The Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)belongs to Giovanni Bonsignori (it is the third picture from left).

                             mostr29bis.jpg (55774 octets)                                       mostr30bis.jpg (39444 octets)     

This one ,a Pinus Mugo, belongs to Lorenzo Agnoletti ,one of best Italian bonsaist .

mostr31bis.jpg (34917 octets)  mostr32bis.jpg (34842 octets)  mostr33bis.jpg (55508 octets)  mostr34bis.jpg (34203 octets)   mostr35bis.jpg (39662 octets) 

To left a Pinus Pentaphilla (owner Maria Teresa Volonterio),a shohin group (Maria Pavanello),a ficus benjamina(Antonio Rupo),Acer palmatum(Luciano Casetta) and a Chamaecyparis(Paolo Dossetto).

mostr36bis.jpg (36784 octets)    mostr37bis.jpg (33411 octets)     mostr38bis.jpg (43376 octets)    mostr39bis.jpg (44967 octets)    mostr40bis.jpg (37389 octets)

Another Acer palmatum (Ezio Ercole),a suiseki,a Pinus Sylvestris(Valerio Gianotti),a Larch (Mario Sandri) and another suiseki (Gianni Cara).

mostr41bis.jpg (38370 octets)    mostr42bis.jpg (45097 octets)     mostr43bis.jpg (37772 octets)    mostr44bis.jpg (35252 octets)    mostr46bis.jpg (34600 octets)

Pinus thumbergii (owner Maria Teresa Volonterio),a fagus sylvatica(Sabino Galante),a Juniperus Chinensis(Mario Sandri),an Acer Palmatum(Agostino Cermelli),a Black Pine(Valerio Gianotti).

mostr45bis.jpg (46741 octets) 

This wonderful  Pinus Pentaphilla belongs to Maria Teresa Volonterio and was the main picture of show .

mostr01bis.jpg (46588 octets)  mostr02bis.jpg (26729 octets)   mostr03bis.jpg (33973 octets)    mostr04bis.jpg (35937 octets)    mostr05bis.jpg (39743 octets)

Cydonia (owner Agostino Cermelli),suiseki and suiseki with pinus sylvestris (Franco Saburri),Spruce(Roberto Reano),Ishizuki by Giovanni Bonsignore .

mostr06bis.jpg (54979 octets)            mostr07bis.jpg (32778 octets)            mostr08bis.jpg (34402 octets)           mostr09bis.jpg (41374 octets)     

A pinus Thumbergii (Agostino Cermelli),a Cork Oak(Valerio Gianotti),a Pinus Sylvestris(Valerio Gianotti),a Ficus Panda(Fiorenzo Menegatti). 


 mostr10bis.jpg (28235 octets)                         mostr11bis.jpg (41118 octets)                               mostr12bis.jpg (28242 octets)

This stone "The sea's woman"won a first award in a Japanese exhibit last year ,its owner is Franco Saburri .

mostr13bis.jpg (40681 octets)   mostr14bis.jpg (42294 octets)   mostr15bis.jpg (36271 octets)    mostr16bis.jpg (52095 octets)   mostr17bis.jpg (32070 octets)

A Crataegus oxyacantha(Giovanni Bonsignori),two Juniperus chinensis(Lorenzo Agnoletti),one Spirea (Agostino Cermelli) and the last picture some companions plants.

With these last pictures the Winter show ends , we can now go to see the competition .

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