Massimo Bandera lives near Turin to Sant'Antonino (Susa Valley) a small village always  windy and attends a big bonsai nursery . His vision of bonsai is affected by Chinese style even if he keeps always his sensibility typically Mediterranean .

band171x1.jpg (45371 byte)

Here above you can see him with a Chinese Elm ( Ulmus Chinensis of North China with smaller leaves) .

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(  larch                   beech               larch                    larch                wild olive(Majorca)  Apples wood).

You can observe the pine-cones on first larch , Massimo told us it isn't easy to obtain them ; if you need to have them , it is necessary to keep larch always a lot dry provided it has the best weather's conditions ( hot the day -fresh the night ) .

band111x1.jpg (57160 byte)       band431x1.jpg (53428 byte)       band071x1.jpg (58513 byte)      band331x1.jpg (59724 byte)         band441x1.jpg (56412 byte)

No words are necessary to explain the difference between the garden seen before and this , the philosophical approach is totally different , each grower has his  own opinions , sensitiveness and taste and construes bonsai in according to his feelings and interpretations .

 band081x1.jpg (63664 byte) band091x1.jpg (53051 byte) band101x1.jpg (58439 byte) band121x1.jpg (53921 byte) band131x1.jpg (52447 byte) band151x1.jpg (61455 byte)

(from left to right:pomegranate,black japanese pine yamadori,pinus sylvestris yamadori,taxus baccata,sageretia theezans,larch).

band141x1.jpg (59642 byte) band201x1.jpg (59002 byte)  band161x1.jpg (61420 byte) band181x1.jpg (53065 byte) band191x1.jpg (48873 byte) band291x1.jpg (59664 byte)

( cedrus atlantica,birch,pinus sylvestris,taxus wood,beech wood ).

band301x1.jpg (46987 byte) band311x1.jpg (48703 byte) band341x1.jpg (51979 byte) band351x1.jpg (51591 byte) band361x1.jpg (62090 byte) band371x1.jpg (48813 byte)

( gingko,olive tree,mame,birch,garden views ).

We end this visit with a last look to pots :

                                                                   band411x1.jpg (44419 byte)


Before to leave this page i would like to share with you what our master Giovanni Genotti showed us in occasion of visits to Gianotti and Bandera . He brought us near the "Sacra di San Michele" (1,000 meters) in a pinus sylvestris wood and underlined how are branches growths  in nature ; bonsaists apply only what nature does from centuries .

                                        wild081x1.jpg (65770 byte)                       wild091x1.jpg (67867 byte)

Look how are fine branches' ramifications , here nobody wired them only the natural weather .

                                                                   wild101x1.jpg (70818 byte)

This other picture shows a genetical mutation on sylvestris pine : those small branches are much useful for graftings .


Still some pictures to show you the yamadori material we have :

wild121x1.jpg (61508 byte)  wild131x1.jpg (73493 byte) wild141x1.jpg (63208 byte) wild181x1.jpg (63473 byte) wild191x1.jpg (55880 byte) wild201x1.jpg (66099 byte)


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